10 Living Room Ideas for Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans is pretty famous these days. The idea make all room to be placed together without wall as separator. It of course good thing at one side since it makes the room look bigger and saving more space. But it kind of tricky when it comes to make each room stands by it own. A living room is place that guest will see first in a house, but in open floor plan, they might be able to see most of the house. But these living room will show the guest that open floor plan can have their own character and at same time can compliment with another room too.

This living room is simply big with woods as both floor and beam. The darkness can be off-set and there are industrial feeling by the concrete part and the sleek window frame. And despite the light that comes easily, the curtain helps a lot to prevent glare from TV. A compact house if you can say, but it still has modern character. The rug make living room looks more inviting and the lights can be use maximally for workspace.

Mix of color is being used here; purple sofa, stripped tapestry, black separator and even metallic cushion. But still the hue that grab the attention is red clock hanging on the wall. The size is big make one keep the time easily. Despite the black separator, it still part of the open floor plan so even has no windows, but the light from another room make it bright.

Apartment is most likely to have open floor plan, and this one is looks so inviting. Give the calmness and the burnished is getting softer by the distance from the window. The design is like a package with dining and kitchen area with rug to define the room’s function. It’s brighter than the previous one since there are no woods in the wall. The window is also down to the floor. And even if the TV must backs the window, curtain will helps to prevent pain in eyes.

An industrial loft can stay on it’s original side but also inviting at same time. Comfy couch with contrast in cushion and storage. The coffee table has ex factory design too but it mixed with rustic wood that very contrast to industrial. Another loft that appears magnificent by simply paint part of the wall with jet black. Sofas, light fixture and small table also has the same color, such a contrast to the wall. And the log coffee table give another color rather than boring one.

Having a splash of color for sofa in living room is a trend nowadays. But in this open floor, it appear warm because the rest are paler than the blue. Living inside a clock might sound like sci-fi movie but if there is a cinch to make the house looks like one, it will be this great. The living room and kitchen area is separated by the lights only, where kitchen has brighter side but the living room is paler.

This room is darker than the rest previous, and has this vampire feeling. It appears from the rusty-bronze and dark wall. Perfect for everyone with dark side.

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