10 Luxurious and Elegant Bathroom with Tub

Lavatory is a place to keep daily hygiene, but some peoples also use that as a small place to find serenity. It can be place to calms one mind or find inspiration. And what’s better place to chill down, soak the body and feel the serenity in once rather than the bath tub itself? The tub has various design that match the small room, but some peoples just have more space and money to make the bathing ritual to be more classy and indulgent.

Lay on a platform make the tub not only higher but has special place in whole room. It’s like an altar to medicate and it has perfect view. The door glass door is enough for light but it can be open to let the breeze in. The light that emanate from the edge of the platform like highlighted the tub; inviting anyone to get in. An oval tub solely take place on a room. It separated to the sink area by the different tiles. While the sink looks warmer, the tub has generous light thanks for the glass wall.

The theme is round and it can be seen not only from the tub but the sink and the mirror itself. Grey wall make the tub stand out. Not forgetting the glass wall that facing the trees. It gives a vibe of serenity without get a chance to be bitten by mosquito. And a residence in the woods like this is very private and hopefully not only tall trees can be seen but 4 legs animal as well.

Live in a certain height in the woods can be an advantages too. The profit is the mountain or hills on the bathroom view. The tub is low to the floor, make it more spacious and is easy to hop in. The floor is varnished in dark tone as well as concrete ceiling. It really makes the view as focal point but remember that this place can only grabbed by few peoples. Another sea view on display. The tub also has built in shelf that make it easy to read a book in the tub.

Night view of the city also beautiful, and it will be a great escapades for urban peoples after work their ass of full day in the crowd itself. The simple privacy that only few can have. With glass for the wall that separate it to the garden. It’s not bring the plants in the room but make it able to see the greenery. The high wall separated it from outside too.

This might be not have a great view but the design itself speaks. The tub has unusual design but match the luxury theme. And aside from it, two chandelier give it glamorous feels. A glamorous tub. With small tiles for the wall that make it easy for framed photos to be patched. The lights is make the tub the center of the room, just like putting an artist on the limelight. This one has series of bulb that make it looks like dressing table for artist instead.

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