10 Masculine Kitchen Designs for Gentleman

In a household, cooking is something that related to woman. So of course kitchen is become their authorities. But nowadays, cooking no longer monopolized by woman. Men are grow interest to cooking as well. The activities is not just to make something to fill a stomach but also become a hobby, or a way to show love for their date. Whatever is that, cooking is part of the lifestyle.

So how about the design? While the food looks classy, the kitchen itself must able to fulfill man taste. An industrial is perfect to show masculine side. The concrete wall looks so strong just like the owner. The kitchenette is also sleek black. This room is smoothen by the wood elements patched on the wall, but still way far from feminine.

Gray is close to man. And despite the white kitchen island, the color for the rest of the room is in gray scheme, whether it’s wall, breakfast counter or the floor. This room however, is helped by the glass wall one one side and is smoothen a bit with the light fixture. The room is white; from the wall, wood floor, bean and also the counter top. It naturally make the room fill with light. But still the sharp masculine black may not left out. The furniture are blacks and dark-varnished wood.

A man may like white. And having white in kitchen is always clean. Also the design is simple and can be used for both gender. This one has a simple kitchen island. The legs are perpendicular to one another and make it looks airy. The color is a bit pale but is perfect for man because the sleek. A kitchenette with woods covering almost every surface is great and also has country style. There is a table and chair on the side that can be use for breakfast counter or workspace. A little extra for wine lover that also become part of decoration for the all wood design.

Loft always have unique fixture and can be shaded by the curtains. Long drapes are in simple soft brown, make the after all look to appear less bright. Another simple design but has sharp angle that make the kitchenette looks stand out. Despite the simple color scheme, this one also has big addition in form of big shades lamp, thanks for the two story high ceiling.

A counter for one but can also use for two. The table match the kitchenette but with the glass as leg, the table look floating. Aside from that, the utensils that stored can be seen from many angle. Also the scheme is vary since there is black and white but less intense than the wood. Rustic can be use for kitchen. And these rustic woods proof it. The flooring is already wood but then the rustic spread on the kitchenette and island. The molded white wall keep the room bright while the nets chair helps the theme well.

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