10 Workspace Designs that Raise Teenage Creativity

Not just adults that need workspace, teen need that too. Despite the fun feels their age reflect, the also in crucial time to shape the future. But unlike adults, teen workspace not only need book shelf or storage, it also need to looks cheer and give them more energy to be more productive and creative.

This bedroom has bright color despite the compact size. The bed is on the loft connected by stairs. Despite the lack space, the a wood panel is patch just bellow the window to be a workspace with rich natural light. And if teenager feel tired, they can instantly lay on the sofa, no need to climb the stairs.

A loft with unique burnished can be used like this, The table is placed to get direct sun from outside. it also make the room has shadow and light at same time. The shelf is both separator and decoration here. This room is full with decoration; mention the wallpaper, stripped rug and framed art. The workspace however is placed by facing the window itself and the curtain is easy to pull to the side to adjust the light.

It’s probably looks dark but the workspace is not. Aside from that, the bookshelf is pretty big, allowing many literature and reference to store neatly. It also has comfy couch and artwork to show teenage taste. Lack of splendid square allow the room to have customize furniture. It appears on the bookshelf and storage that covering almost every side. It make the room neat and allow teen to be studious.

On shared room, sometimes it necessary to give the similar style on two workspace. Even owned and used by different people, the similarities but simple design make it easy to customize by everyone. So of course each workspace can have personal touch.

Shared bedroom might be not easy to deal with. Not just to make the sibling to have their own personal space but at same time allow them to work together. This one however, use the bookshelf to separate them, the curtain also has the similar function with a little different by the ability to be pulled so the sibling can communicate and work together.

The home office is also work for teens. It still have a freshness from the potted plant and the lights can be chosen from natural to artificial one. The color is simple and still have a lazy single sofa to read book. Appear slightly darker is this room. The drapes are in two layer and the bookstore is placed just beside the workspace. Make teens to easily reach their literature. The design also not allow the place to look childish.

A room in more cheer color but not just putting hue to blend in a wall, it however is a mural of world map. Study geography is easier now.

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