5 Creatively Designed Bedroom for Urban

Designing bedroom should be endless. It can be done right away after the house is build but of course there are things that should be replaced to refresh the room. It can be vary from total renovation or only small things such as new wall paint, new furniture, light fixture or artwork. Whatever it is, these design will show something that stand between creative and comfortable at same time.

Start from this room that has many creative ideas. The wall has geometry design that add color to the brown. The industrial feels is appears from the light fixtures. There is a chandelier with bare bulbs and also sculpted one hanging above the bed stand. The white tiles is also in geometry design and infuse the elegance to the room. The mirror for under the bed fakes the airy feels.

It’s dark here because the maximizing of gray color. The linen and drapes are in same color and the concrete wall also covering the backs of the headboard. But despite being dark, it appears inviting because the light fixture. It spots on important place like the bed itself that make the gray looks warmer.The concrete also able to become a canvas and also attached with lights that make it not just dark. The addition for the sake of warmness are plants on the side of the bed.

The white closet not making the room brighter and not even the acrylic chair can. This room is practically dominated by gray. A boys room in urban apartment can appears different. Navy blue is become the main color and the windows also make the light comes in neon. While the room looks cold, the bare bulbs on the side of the bed become the source of warmth without give it strong glare. The workspace is simple and as burnished comes from the side. And if it’s not bright enough for study, the lamps always help. Splash of red in this room does not make the room looks crowd but just to prevent it from being too plain.

This room has edgy feels. The exposed brick covering one wall while another wall is wood panels. The ceiling also slated that give it canopy feels. The light fixture spot the brick well, give it more color to the exposed things. Splash of light come from the leather sofa and the tripod lamp. Tripod lamp is big in size but great addition for simple design.

This is what creativity means. Called ‘Ice Bed’ is not make this icy. It just the unique design that speaks. The design is not only limited by the shape but also the light fixture. The LED is placed from the foot of the bed and then up. It also lights the build in shelf and table. Make the part looks brighter like the shelf is split. During the night, the light can be adjusted to red. The room become darker but still keep the style on it.

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