9 Nature Inspired Coffee Table Designs

Coffee table is something that peoples will choose carefully to match the whole theme. It sometimes comes together with the chairs or sofas, or it can come separately with design that is ready to mix. Whatever is it, usually it is not something that catch the attention, and such a pity when these design proof that coffee tables are not just a place to put your coffee but also become the focal point; a furniture that will steal anyone attention. Not just that, tough, but they can mimicking life or bringing the life in. This table will automatically make your guest look at it twice. Looks like separated things, which is table and pot together. But actually this table has a ‘built in’ planter. No need to buy extra planter for your living room and make one easily infuse a little nature. Also, this one really good for compact room.

For more expensive looks, there is this tale which is highly suggested for bonsai lover. This table not just bring your ‘Zen’ up, but the design itself speaks; made of wood and glass, a traditional look yet refreshing one. This clever design bring calmness to a room and raise praise. This design is probably has no build in planter, but this one has space that can be filled with many things and small plant is include. Not become overly decorated with plants but of course that will depends on the owner preference. This one looks like a part of field has been cut to become a tabletop. But in fact, this one has moss plants covering the surface and also covered with clear glass. This one make a great but small in size decoration and there are no difficulties on putting glass on top of it.

Terrarium has become something common and is become a choice for green decoration and coffee table is one place to put terrarium. Not this one. This table is terrarium itself. The size is pretty big and the material make the plants and soil layer on display. If having plants is too ordinary, than maybe having growing animal on the table is what you looking for. This clear table is not just made of glass that shapes world map, this one is also an aquarium. The uniqueness make it easy to have couples of fish, make the table change almost non-stop and of course become the center of attention.

And if ‘life’ is not something about nature that you want to bring in, another form can get in. Mimicking real life topography but in the simple way. Mainly two thick wood with blue glass that cut to shape the gap between two panels. Another nature-inspired is this one. Not just the shape is not typical, the almost appears is if it traps the water itself. And an addition but a more in fantasy side. A dragon is bearing a round glass on the backs, make the details of the animal can be seen.

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