Futuristic Eccentric Kitchen Design Ideas

The heart of home need special treatment, and it absolutely in form of design. While most of kitchen are simple, neat, clean; a few is bring the design to upscale the pride of the room. But the designer of these room probably not just simply design the room, they also seemingly has power to predict the future, or maybe they design what will be in the future instead.

Using white for the kitchen island and might be usual but this design is cleverly using plenty of wood. The woods are used to offset the darkness from above, which is simple concrete without paints. There is a glass wall at one side as burnished source and the light are spread and reflects by the variety material and color of the room; make the room has unique color.

The saucer shade lamp catch the attention and at same time give a limelight to specific area. The dining table has same lamp fixture to the kitchen. The uniqueness of this room are come from the bubbly chair in teal and the wall. The pattern make it looks like textured instead of smooth surface. This almost all white kitchen already scream ‘future’. Just from the first look, everyone know that this is a special form of art. The light play great role on the room. The light fixture is carefully placed on ceiling and almost on everything. Mention them and you will get under the tabletops, the counter top, lower part of the kitchenette and the between ceiling and the wall. The white brick also appears in different texture compare to the sleekness.

From other angle, there is this windows facing the city. The glass give the room neon light and the window can be easily closed with roman curtain. Make the area a perfect small bar. A teal is such a great vibe in kitchen. The color soften the intense light from outside. The kitchen island is simple in design and has eccentric chandelier design that will be prefect for Christmas.

The breakfast counter is able to accommodate 6 peoples at once. And not only the eating utensils that chose carefully, the chairs itself will catch the attention right away. Made of clear acrylic that make it a bright side of the room. This room is kind of dark in certain angle and is appear gradients because the series of windows. The mirror also reflects the light, not just reflecting the size of the room.

The tiles has color scheme too. Not just covered in one teal color, this kitchen give it white, black, gray and teal at same time. Place perpendicular to make a certain pattern but in different hue that can’t be predicted. Aside is a single sofa in pale teal. It match the scheme and even there is place to put art on one wall. It gives the room kind of dark aura, so the title ‘winterfell’ for the room is perfect after all.

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