Red Cabinets and Backsplash in Kitchen Design

The combination of red cabinets and backsplash in the kitchen has been the alternative design among current home decorating trend. If we look at the functionality of the backsplash is to protect the kitchen wall from any oil or any cooking materials from splatter. Even though, the material of the backsplash is endless to have but having the dazzling inspiration will arrive us at the correct decision. The theme also varies from the modern to classic to youth or even a futuristic design. Whatever the theme we choose maybe, balancing with the existing design is the holistic aspects of executing the whole process. The colors may work out the crucial part that not only reflect the identity of the furniture or space but giving so much enlightening vibe. After so much daily occur in our life, color is the idea that set our mind fresh because the tendency to the boring mood in any person is big.

Whenever the red cabinets and backsplash in the kitchen come in our minds – this color give so much beauty and courage to its occupant. Even from the cultural perspective that this color gives good luck, warm, and positive energy to any person. Chinese culture has always been using the red as the lucky color since the ancient times and from the Feng Shui side – it is a positive color. Moreover, red is motivating and has the strong characteristic of masculine energy. We can mix and match the red cabinets color with soft or neutral colors on the backsplash. So for the red may be of the bold red color as the brightest or Couture Red as the solid red colors. As for the backsplash, we can touch it with tile in a combination of white and soft blue shade.

Before we wildly mix and match the colors aspects of red cabinets and backsplash in kitchen – we should know the important rules first. To avoid commotion, we need to keep the rest of accessories such as plates, kitchen textiles, and any stuff in the closest possible to the color palette. We might want to try gray and deep black as the additional options.

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