Ultra Exclusive Modern Bedroom Designs

Exclusive is not something that everyone can taste. And while most human population can only dream about how the jet-setter lay their head, this few bedroom will enlighten them to not just dream it but able to see it. And perhaps many people will dreaming about the bedroom while sleeping. A tree graphic in the wall is not something new, but in this room it gives white instead of green. It just to match the whole room. Brown wall, curtain and especially the bedding make the room look so expensive. Even this room has modern design but it also has a fairytale feels.

Tufted chair and table to give more luxury feeling along with the lights fixture that make the room looks warmer despite the gray paint for the wall. Chandelier looks necessary for decoration in a glam bedroom. The more modern design of luxurious bedroom. It has generous space. The floor is might be rug-less but there are two materials to build the rug-look; that is marbles and wood flooring.

Aside from it is the tub is placed just beside the bed. The bathroom placed is more to provide intimacy rather than privacy. The room is simple but the chandelier design make sure that this is place for the rich. The play on the light thanks for the unique design. The platform of the bed also become a separator to the door. The platform also has canopy that make the bed feel shaded. Even if it facing the glass window, it won’t get painful glare.

Next to it is tub that has more light because the position. It has it’s own space because the steps. The light fixture are placed to accentuate the contour, from the steps, the light from platform and on the shower. Unlike the more modern design, this one has luxurious all over the surface. It probably something that many peoples will imagine when ‘luxurious bedroom’ come to thinking. Molds for the wall and ceiling. And the center is round mold too. Purple tapestry for the back of the headboard just to matching another things. The gold ornament paints the important detail such as bed, chairs wall and the ceiling itself.

Chandelier is a must and the floors has designed tiles. On one side is dressing table that not just perfect in size but also framed by purple, gold, mold and can be used to store some art. Another form of luxury and it’s not come in gold too. The silver is used to make the spark for this gray room. Even in gray but the hue is soft and soothing. The gray carpet with silvery looks so soft and fluff for bare feet. Already looks comfortable just by it. The tacky headboard give it a hotel feel and it will be very hard to leave the bed.

Another addition that can play crucial role for luxurious is the silvery chandelier. The size is big and the design allows the light to come in sparks.


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